Beginner 6 Week Home School Kids Martial Arts Program

Benefits Of Our Online Home School Martial Arts Program

✅ Boost your child's confidence so they can attack the challenges of life

✅ SUPERCHARGE your child's focus so they can attack their school work like a champ!

✅ Have a "go-to" reliable fitness regimine to keep your kids healthy and active

✅ Powerful life lessons each week to ensure your kids learn the power of good habits and discipline that they will carry the rest of their life

✅ Develop strength and flexibility to prevent injury and muscle imbalances growing up

✅ Printable follow along calendar and coloring map so you can take the guess work out of planning.

✅ A Fun activity the WHOLE family can enjoy!


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Dear Homeschool Parent,

Times can be tough.

Juggling a busy schedule, working 3 full time jobs...

Being a Parent.

Being a Teacher.

Being A Master of Time Management...

and Finding ways to fit ALL the activities for your kids.

You may be seeking Martial Arts as an option because of the immense benefits it provides to children.

Boosted Confidence, Structure, Discipline, Improved Focus, and Keeping an Active and Healthy Lifestyle.

Every parent wants what’s best for their kids, and that’s why you even started homeschooling.

Whether you are looking for a way to boost your child's focus so they can attack their school work and be more productive.

Or give them a fun and healthy outlet to release some energy.

This course was designed to keep kids engaged, have lots of fun, and give you as a parent an opportunity to see your child's confidence grow in ways you've never seen before.

We also take into consideration things that make kids pay attention.

If your kids are addicted to the tablet, TV or video games, we use very similar methods of “Gamification” and colorful animations to keep your kids engaged, focused, and keeps them wanting to learn more every week!

Sound good? Enroll now to ensure your child gets a spot!

- Master Taylor Kelley

Teaching Kids Martial Arts Since 2012

4th Degree Taekwondo Blackbelt


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3 Class Videos Covering:

  • Basic Boxing and Taekwondo
  • Korean Terminology
  • Tennis Ball and Bubble Pop Interactive Game
  • Goal Setting Worksheet


3 Class Videos Covering:

  • Side Kicks and Boxing Combinations
  • Body Weight Strength and Balance Drills V1
  • Pong and Thunderbolt Interactive Game
  • 4 Tenants of Taekwondo Worksheet


3 Class Videos Covering:

  • Elbow and Knee Striking
  • Anti-Bully and Saftey Drills
  • Duck and Lazer Game
  • The 4 Rules of Self Defense Worksheet


3 Class Videos Covering:

  • Intermediate Taekwondo Kicking
  • Balance and Strength Drills V2
  • Musical Striking Interactive Game
  • Responsibility and Leadership Worksheet


3 Class Videos Covering:

  • Flying Kicking Techniques and Spinning Techniques
  • Balance and Strength Drills V3
  • Door Open Door Closed Interactive Game
  • Deep Breathing Exercise Worksheet


3 Class Videos Covering:

  • Practice Test and Review
  • Final Showdown with Dr. Fist Interactive Boss
  • Live Scheduled Zoom Test For White Belt And Uniform



Need a way for your kids to focus better and get the "jitters" out? You will LOVE our virtual martial art game library! Comes with 8 different virtual martial art games from easy to hard difficulty. A great substitute for playing video games that will help your kids get more active and have lots of fun!

Normally $27 FREE With 6 Week Program!

A great way to perfect technique and improve is by DAILY practice. These daily pad work sessions will give your kids a routine to follow that will allow them to reinforce good form and improve strength, coordination and balance!

Normally $47 FREE with 6 Week Program!

Does your child know how to defend themselves from a bully? How about a full-grown adult? In this 30 minute seminar I go over practical and realistic techniques to help your kids know what to do in a threatening situation with our 4 step process.

Normally $99 FREE with 6 Week Program!

Create some fun and awesome bonding time with your kids learning martial arts together! The skill of holding pads can be tricky but also very fun for your and your family! These lessons will breakdown how to teach your kids good technique and shows you how to create your OWN effective combinations too!

Normally $27 FREE With 6 Week Program!

Let's recap....

You get

  • 6 Weeks of Interactive Virtual Lessons ($79 value)
  • 6 Worksheets and Story Coloring Map ($27 value)
  • 1 Private Zoom Lesson on Week 6 ($50 value)
  • Martial Art Game Library ($27 Value)
  • Virtual Padwork Lessons ($47 Value)
  • Kids Self Defense Seminar ($99 Value)
  • Parent-Child Padwork Lessons ($27 Value)

Total: $356

Only $97

One Time Payment. Life time access!

*We are so convinced your child will LOVE this program and get amazing results that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee!

*I'll also send you a gift card to your favorite restaurant with an apology letter. Because if you're unhappy, we are unhappy. We strive to make the BEST experience for kids and if we didn't do that for you, we didn't do our job well enough.


Q: What are the age ranges for the course?

A: Ages 4-12!

Q: Do I need any equipment? Will my kids need a partner for any of the drills?

No :) we kept in mind that not everyone is able to rely on a partner or equipment. All the drills can be done solo.

Q: Is the price per family or per person?

It's per family! That means you can have as many family members follow along the videos!

Q: For the test at 6 weeks, do you offer flexible times for those of us in different time zones?

Yes! we offer testings mornings, afternoons, and evenings Mon-Saturday, making it as convenient as possible.

Q: If my kids really enjoy this course and want to continue, what do you offer after the 6 weeks?

Great question! After the end of 6 weeks we offer both a semester long program or year long program that we can discuss once they complete their test.