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Hi Everybody!

I'm Master Taylor Kelley, and I'm the creator of Dojo Go! Online Home School Martial Arts. I've been training martial arts since I was five years old (back in 2000) and have been teaching families since 2012.

My biggest inspirations growing up doing martial arts was Tommy the green ranger from Power Rangers and Jackie Chan!

Dojo Go was created in March of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like many other martial art school owners around the world, many schools had been closed and transitioned to online classes for a period of time.

As a result, I did what 99% of instructors did at the time, teach online classes through Zoom or Video calling.

As time moved on, it became increasingly more difficult to keep kids engaged with video calls, and I had to get creative with how I taught the lessons.

By doing thorough research of popular children's tv shows, and combining my passions for story telling, video editing, and special effects, I created a series of videos for the intention of my own students to see.

However, many of my students and their parents reccomended I share the videos with not just my local area but to reach out to other kids around the world.

Through word of mouth, facebook groups, youtube, blogs like this one, Dojo Go became one of the top resources for kids to learn martial arts online.

I'm very blessed to be able to share my knowledge of martial arts with many families throughout the world, and I'm thankful to God for all these wonderful opportunities!

The mission of Dojo Go is to inspire the next generation of children to become strong, confident leaders that will change the world through martial arts.

I hope you and your kids enjoy the content I put out and if you'd like to reach me you can do so by emailing me at

Have an awesome day!

- Master Kelley

4th Degree Taekwondo Blackbelt

Creator Dojo Go! Online Home School Martial Arts