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Dear Parent,

School is upon us!

If you've been waiting for the PERFECT opportunity to join classes at Dojo Go now is the time!

But first I want to share with you something very profound.

You see, kids have been on a very long extended summer break.

Schools officially shut down around march, which means that your kids have not been in school for over 5 months.

For homeschoolers....this isn't new learning at home, but it doesn't mean the news isn't affecting them.

What's worse is that for that entire time the TV and news have been infiltrating our homes telling us to live in fear and panic.

Whether you believe it or not, this greatly affects a child's psychology.

We've seen so many acts of fear, misinformation, and violence that the next generation is going to go through a rough time.

But there's a comprehensive solution!

Virtual martial art classes at Dojo Go will teach your kids how to speak up for themselves, learn discipline and focus, and establish healthy habits that will affect all areas of their life.

If you're wanting to start online classes now, click the class image above to get started!

Talk soon!

- Master Taylor Kelley

4th Degree Taekwondo Blackbelt

Creator Of Dojo Go!